2nd Lieutenant Edward Owens D.C.M.

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Edward Owens (1887 - 1918)

A brief history of his life By his great grandson Don Owens

Life after the army

On the 16th of December 1912, after eight years before the colours, Edward was transferred to the Army Reserve and returned to England. By this time his parents had moved to no. 3, Wilkinson Street in Birkenhead - a short distance from their previous house and close to Charing Cross. He left the army with a certificate signed by his commanding officer stating that he was thoroughly trustworthy and that he had never been under the influence of liquor during the last three years of his service. We do not know if Edward went to live at his parent's house or if he took his own lodgings in Birkenhead. On his return home Edward had to find employment, his army transfer papers describe him as an intelligent and trustworthy person with a desire to work for the Post Office in civilian life, however records show he went back to work for the London & North Western Railway at their goods department in Birkenhead.

On the 16th of August 1913 at the age of 26 Edward married the 28-year-old Theresa Hollywood. Despite his conversion to the Wesleyan faith three years earlier the marriage took place at St. Mary's parish church, Birkenhead. The church was located next to the Birkenhead Priory and close to the River Mersey. Unlike today the area around the church was then a thriving community with lots of shops, businesses and houses. All that remains of the church today is the clock tower, now called St. Mary's tower, and the front walls. At this time it is known that they already had a son - Donald George - who was born on the 13th September 1907 and would have been six years old at the time of their wedding. Edward and Theresa's relationship had begun prior to Edward leaving for his posting to India and could even have started before he enlisted in the army. Their marriage certificate shows that they shared the same address, number 10 Getley Street, Birkenhead, a road located between Birkenhead Central railway station and the Cammell Laird shipyard. It is assumed that this address was lodgings used by Theresa and her young son or by all three of them as both Theresa's parents had died by this time.

Between their wedding and the end of that year Edward and his family moved from Birkenhead to Seacombe a district in the borough of Wallasey in the county of Cheshire. They took up residence at number 27, Fell Street, a street that ran parallel with the Seacombe and Egremont railway station. This station was part of the Wirral Railway Company's network and linked this part of Wallasey with other places on the Wirral including West Kirby, Hoylake and Birkenhead. It was also possible to travel to Chester and beyond from this station. The station has long since gone but it was located close to the Seacombe ferry terminal and St Paul's church. Fell Street was in an ideal position for Edward being close to a railway station and within walking distance of the Birkenhead Docks.

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